The Nahím Isaías Barquet Foundation currently serves thousands of people at its different locations in the city of Guayaquil. It offers a comprehensive health service with high-tech equipment and specialized staff, but they also provide a very humane care, as always conceived by the Isaias family.

Integral Medical Centers “Nahím Isaías Barquet”

Since 1998, this institution is built and equipped with modern equipment by the brothers Roberto, Estefano and William Isaías Dassum, today offers patients multiple services, from General Medicine, Pediatrics and Gynecology to Respiratory Therapies, Pharmacies, Laboratories.

In addition, the Early Stimulation programs have been created for children up to 4 years of age, immunization campaigns, pregnant women’s club, talks about diseases of climatic seasons and prevention and care for diabetics. Because prevention is a fundamental part of social development.

In 2008, due to the high demand of the Early Stimulation service, 3 new centers were created under the self-management system, in different provinces.

There are also classes for work education, which allows the community to have an activity to improve their self-esteem and family income.

Specialty Medical Center

This center located in Guayaquil, began operating in 2003, given the need to offer specialized medicine to patients. All the infrastructure and all the medical equipment was made with the contribution of the Isaiah Brothers.

Today the center under a model based on self-management, has 38 specialties, the best professionals in medicine and high technology. The medical service and special exams have a very low cost for patients.

This model center, within the city, serves from Cardiology, Traumatology, Rheumatology to very specialized exams such as Ozone Therapy, Colonoscopy, Biopsies, Ultrasound.

United States

Today’s society has high medical technology, countless medications and highly specialized professionals, but the cost is high and sometimes inaccessible to many families, and to the same institutions that offer their help.

That is the reason that moved Roberto Isaías and his brothers to continue their work to help patients with serious ailments, in Ecuador and also to maintain a program of aid to institutions in the United States, where they live 20 years ago.

For children’s dreams

The youngest, who suffer from these serious ailments, want to fulfill their dreams when they grow up, so they need to cure special care and constant treatments, which have very high costs for their relatives and institutions. The Isaias family decided from the beginning to help these children, so that they fulfill their dreams, with donations programmed for the institutions. They also offer their knowledge to the boards of directors, when required.

There are also other institutions that need to improve their facilities and provide greater comfort and care to their patients, Isaías Dassum health fund, donates to collaborate with these initiatives:

  • The Jackson Health Foundation
  • The Baptist Health Foundation
  • St. Jude Children´s Research Hospital

Respect for childhood

Violence and child abuse is a scourge that increases in the world. Each year 500,000 thousand children are removed from their homes and enter a protection process.

That is why Roberto and William Isaías Dassum, coming from a home where family, love and respect for children is a fundamental value, felt committed to the work undertaken since 1987 Voices for Children.


  • Ministry of Economic Inclusion (Cooperation with stimulation program)
  • Cancer Fight Society (Laboratories to process Pap smears)
  • Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Guayaquil (Internships at the foundation)
  • Company Toni S.A. (Delivery of snacks for children in unprotected conditions)
  • Ministry of Public Health (Delivery of BCG, Triple, Polio, Tetanus vaccines for application in the foundation)
  • Cooperation Agreement for the Early Stimulation program
  • Municipality of Montalvo Catholic University of Guayaquil
  • Municipality of San Juan de Pueblo Viejo Church of Isla de Bejucal
  • Auditorium in the South Guasmo
  • Guasmo Sur Health Center, Communal House