Creation of “Micro Health Centers” (1988-1999)

Roberto Isaías and his brothers Estefano and William, opened 22 Micro Health Centers through the Foundation.

The centers relied on doctors and nurses and the necessary equipment to offer consultations and first aid to the community, in very economically depressed sectors. All patients received medical attention with a lot of respect and solidarity, as it was from the beginning raised by the Isaiah family.

More than 1,000,000 queries were conducted .

Medical Brigades in Disaster Areas (1998)

The serious situation that the Ecuadorian coastal zone experienced due to the “El Niño phenomenon” caused serious damage and left thousands of families affected and without sanitary conditions. The Foundation quickly sent 15 Medical Brigades to the place, to provide the population with care and food, plus all the necessary medicines. The Isaías Dassum brothers know that Ecuador is threatened by these phenomena, and that they always become a tragedy for the population, they are always willing to support and help.

15,000 people were treated (Cost of US$ 60,000).

“Growing with our Children” Program (Since 2001)

This Foundation program began in 2001, and initially served 240 children under the age of five. Its good qualification enabled it to have resources from the Ministry of Economic Inclusion, Ministry of Social Welfare and the Inter-American Development Bank. It quickly grew and favored hundreds of children from very vulnerable sectors of the city of Guayaquil. The management was rated 98/100 and considered among the best activities done by a foundation.

1,200 favored children.

Early Stimulation Centers (Since 2010)

The Early Stimulation program for children under 4 years of age was a success since it began in the Comprehensive Medical Centers. Due to the demand for the service in 2008, 3 special centers were created for this specialty, and in 2010 more than 1,700 children attended. The “Nahím Isaías Barquet Foundation” built the infrastructure, delivered all the equipment and offers the pediatric, dental and psychology service to the patients. The Centers operate under a very successful self-management system

+1,700 children attend the program.

Cleft Lip Surgeries (2002-2008)

The Foundation in an agreement with the Navy of Ecuador and Medical Missions for Children, began the work of operating in principle with 40 children with Cleft Lip and Paratin Fissure. Later, due to the large number of patients requiring surgery, the decision is made that approximately 60 surgeries would be performed annually at no cost to patients, in an agreement with Medical Missions for Children and the Roberto Gilbert Elizalde hospital. This work allowed hundreds of children and adults in Ecuador to overcome this complicated physical condition and recover their emotional integrity.

553 surgeries were performed in 6 years (cost of US $ 392,000).

Snacks for children and adults “Tony”

The “Nahím Isaías Barquet Foundation” in co-financing managed with the Tony company, delivered hundreds of school institutions, orphanages and nursing homes, snacks to hundreds of children and adults with limited resources, some with health problems and nutrition malnutrition.

Together they managed to distribute an average of 80,000 portions donated by Tony: between milk, yogurt, chocolate, cream cheese and juices. This important work was banned by the government, and caused serious damage to all children and adults who received this food daily.

3,840,000 snacks delivered with a value of US $ 780,000.

Relief Brigade in the Pedernales Earthquake (2016)

The seismic movement that occurred in Pedernales – Ecuador, on Saturday, April 16, 2016, with a magnitude of 7.8 Mw, 6, killed more than 600 people and thousands injured. Most of the houses and buildings collapsed, leaving thousands of people homeless and without public services. National and international organizations acted immediately, but aid was becoming increasingly essential.

On Sunday, April 18, brothers William and Roberto Isaías Dassum, sent Relief Brigades that opened roads still blocked, to arrive at the place with medical equipment, medicines, food, kitchen utensils. These brigades managed to help 800 injured victims of the earthquake in 4 days.

Medical Centers of the “Nahím Isaías Barquet Foundation” (1998-2019)

The foundation has two Centers of Integral Medicine and one of Spatialities. Since 1998 thousands of people have been served. In 2010 alone, more than 320,000 patients were treated. This figure grows every year as do the services, medical care and the number of specialties. The foundation is today an example for many public and private health centers, not only for their doctors, for the equipment, for the self-management system, but for the respectful and dignified treatment that each patient receives:

  • Pediatrics has an average of 1600 children attended monthly
  • Physiotherapy Service 850 people attended monthly
  • Gynecology an average of 800 patients
  • Cardiology treats 600 patients monthly
  • Odontology gives attention to 750 people of all ages
  • Physiotherapy Service 850 people attended monthly
  • The Laboratory performs a monthly average of 2300 tests in collaboration with the Baquerizo laboratory collection center

More than 5 million patients have been treated from the beginning.