Roberto Isaias is an Ecuadorian entrepreneur that acquired his knowledge not only from his academic studies, but also from the advice and experience of his father Estefano, his grandfather Emilio, and his uncle Nahim Isaias.

Roberto Isaias Dassum
Roberto Isaias Dassum

At eleven, he was sent to a boarding school in New York, where he finished High School. He was admitted at the Philadelphia College of Textile and Science and obtained his degrees in Textile Management and Marketing.

Roberto returned to Ecuador and started working in the family businesses. Under his vision and direction, new ventures started in different sectors: communications, industrial, commercial and agricultural and Real Estate projects. In this sector they started multifamily housing developments, shopping malls and office buildings in Ecuador, New York and Miami.

Giving back to the community has always been part of the Isaias family chore values. Roberto’s grandfather Emilio initially founded Fundación Emilio Isaias, then changed its name to Fundación Filanbanco, changing again its name to Fundación Nahim Isaias in honor of Nahim Isaias Barquet, uncle and mentor of Roberto. The Foundation dedicated its resources and efforts in different areas, such as:
-Health: by ensuring access to excellent caring health and educational services for families who live in peripheral urban or rural areas in Ecuador.
-The Arts: by giving to the community two museums with a huge collection of colonial art, but also, by sponsoring exhibitions of national artists.
-The Music: in order to help young music students to promote themselves and continue their musical careers, they sponsored and funded the Orquesta de Cámara de Juventudes.
-Sports: by sponsoring and funding sports clubs young poor athletes received training and developed their careers.

Nowadays, Fundación Nahim Isaias is fully committed to fund health and educational programs in Ecuador.

In recognition to his continuous support to the community, on October ninth, 1984, he received recognition from the Municipality of Guayaquil, Ecuador and received “Mencion de Honor al Merito Civico”.

On July 1998, Roberto received from the President of the Republic of Ecuador the “Condecoración de la Orden Nacional Al Merito, en el Grado de Gran Oficial.

Roberto lives in Miami since 2000 with his wife Mercedes. Under Roberto’s management and direction, the Isaias group has established many businesses in the United States.