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Nahim Isaias Foundation - Eco
Many years ago our family started a social project in Ecuador, the place where we were born, where we educated ourselves and formed a family. We believed, and knew, that we needed to work so that our dreams could come true and be successful, but none of that would be important if we did not help change our surroundings and help others in need. Only by doing these things could we move forward.

From the beginning-more than 100 years ago- we, the Isaias, had collaborated with a lot of charities, and people in need. However, we knew that we had to undertake something bigger. An organization that was transcendent and sustainable for the community.
Daily, in our city, thousands of people needed more and more help. Not transitory help, but a friendly helping hand that could assist them to succeed in life, better their health, their education, and that could bring them security and tranquility.
Today many years have passed and the “Foundation Nahím Isaias Barquet” still exists in Ecuador. Our family feels proud of it, but more than that, we are forever deeply committed to this foundation. It has been a very big task, a lot of work, investments, worries, but also a lot of happiness. It has been 52 years and it is still there with an impressive record of attention and solidarity to the community.

In the last few years we have had to live abroad as victims of political persecution, but this sentiment of cooperation with the people is alive and will continue to be no matter what happens.

Now in the United States, and many years before, we have intended to help many communities, amongst them the very loved and respected Cuban-American community. They have won over our trust and received without hesitation the financial support they needed to prosper. We did it through the Republic National Bank, which we acquired in the 60´s.

Here we have also created donation programs for institutions that take care of children with serious diseases, and others that help maintain and develop new spaces for healthcare as well as institutions that help defend children in situations of abuse.
All of these programs have the Isaias seal. A seal that is founded on the values we have learned through out the years and that translates to a commitment with the community and respect to human dignity.




We believe that imparting health education is one of the fundamental tools that a family will have to confront life’s challenges, to work with the necessary strength, and to watch their kids grow physically and emotionally.

  • Nutritional Education
  • Early stimulation for children under the age of 4
  • Education for patients with chronic illnesses.


We believe in always being prepared to act in the moments in which we are needed the most. Time and time again Ecuador has suffered natural phenomena that turned into a catastrophe, and we have acted without hesitation doing everything in our power.

  • Medical teams sent to disaster zones
  • Medicines, food, and support to those in need
  • Help to construct new homes
To Feed

To Feed

We believe it is indispensable to maintain nutritional programs for the whole family in very impoverished areas. It is also important to prevent malnutrition in children and the elderly, which in turn secures a healthy intellectual and physical development to the new generations as well as offering a better quality of life to senior citizens.

  • Maintain a constant program of nutritional education
  • Take nourishment to schools and low resource institutions
  • Work with other companies in order to join efforts


We believe that everyone should receive medical attention when needed, but preventive healthcare programs are equally fundamental in impoverished communities making a substantial difference. There is also the need to help children with serious illnesses so that they can get better and make their dreams come true.

  • Provide medical attention to the communities that need it the most
  • Maintain preventive healthcare programs
  • Help patients with grave illnesses